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John Deere

Client Challenge

To provide an exhibit to include four separate displays with two-sided graphics, a circular center display unit with two-sided header graphics, counter tops, a counter top to hold two monitors and literature holders while staying within a $20,000 budget. It was requested that the exhibit be multi-functional to be used in 10', 20' and 30' spaces.


Exhibit Resources designed a multifunctional display consistent with the clients’ objective. The overall display consisted of four curved frames that exhibited two-sided graphics. To fill the 30’ space we recommended placing each curved frame at a corner with a countertop in front of each display. We also designed a circular center display with two-sided graphics that surrounded a countertop that supported two monitors. Literature trays were attached to the extrusions on the circular display.


The result of this design met the needs of the multi-functional display that could be used with every division of John Deere just by changing out the graphics. Additionally, since each curved frame was a separate unit it allows use at many shows that may occur at the same time regardless of the size.

The John Deere team was very excited about the look of the display and suggested layouts.


"The people are very knowledgeable and are passionate about their work from start to finish. For my project, I was on a tight timeframe and Exhibit Resources Midwest was able to respond quickly and efficiently to my needs. The products they use are interchangeable and require minimal effort to install. I would recommend this supplier to anyone who wants to get the job done free of headaches!" MD

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