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Iowa Department of Economic Development

Client Challenge

The challenge was to take the custom pavillion style booth that was previously designed for the BIO technology show and configure it to a single user conference and storage space booth for the 2009 Wind Power Show.


The alumium extrusion style booth allows for reconfigurations in many styles.  By using the existing extrusion we were able to build out a larger conference room and add a storage room.  We added the backlit graphic structure to the front of the conference area to add a pop of color and light to the front of the booth.  We added structural elements to the front corners of the rooms to allow for 2 Plasma monitors.  Overhead entry structure from the previous booth was used with new graphics to create overhead wave signage in the rear of the booth .


The result was a powerful booth with strong graphics.  The design and color made this a booth that stood out at the show and received a lot of attention from attendees.

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Wind Power 2009 Front
Wind Power 2009 Back
Wind Power 2009 Left Side
Wind Power 2009 Right Side
Wind Power 2009 Overhead
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